बुटाटी धाम मंदिर में बड़ी संख्या में जले गद्दे: बुटाटी धाम मंदिर में लगी आग

Recently we came to know that there is a fire in Butati Dham temple and the reason behind the fire is a short circuit. A fire broke out in the godown located on the temple premises on Sunday evening. It is the blessing of Shri Chaturdas Ji Maharaj that there was no loss of life when the temple was full of devotees.

Butati Dham Mandir (Nagaur)

Kuchera police reached the destination on time and the situation was under control. At the same time, the fire brigade of Mundwa reached the spot and then within a few minutes we got the fire under control. The management committee of the temple, local villagers, and devotees present at the spot brought the fire under control with the help of water tankers. Chaturdasji Maharaj’s abode is in Butati. There is such a belief and belief that paralysis patients get relief by visiting here and doing circumambulation for seven days. Due to this, hundreds of devotees and patients come here every day from every corner of the country. The temple committee makes free arrangements for everyone to stay in the temple premises itself.
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