About Us.

Free and paid living facilities provided by the temple committee:-

  • Ration material is given free of cost to the passengers for food and drink.
  • Room, verandah and hall etc. are free facilities for the passengers to stay.
  • Bed is given free of cost to the passengers to cover and lay.
  • Utensils are provided free of cost to the passengers for cooking.
  • Wheel chair and stretcher facility is also provided free of cost for the patients who cannot walk.
  • There is an accessible toilet facility in the temple premises, which is free of charge.

             – Special Bath $ Latrine = Rs.5/
             – Bath only = Rs.3/-
             – Letterin only = Rs.2/-


Our Story


The village became GSS in 1985, during the tenure of the then chairman of the temple committee, and for the first time lighting was arranged in the temple. After about five years, the supply of light started in the village. At that time, the chairman of the committee Amarsingh ji was also the sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Bootati.


The coconuts offered in the temple are used in dhune, the bhaguti made from which is used by the devotees for paralysis patients. The grain that comes as an offering is used to feed the cows in the cowshed named after the saint in the village. Apart from these, it is made available in around 150 Gaushalas as per the requirement. The devotees who have come offer coconut or prasad, take out the molly of the umbilical cord from the iron of dhune and tie a thread to it and bhaguti of dhune is used to apply to the patient. 

Sant Shri Chaturdasji Maharaj Temple Development Committee – Butati Dham

One has to follow the rules of the temple while staying in the temple :-
1. Passengers should keep their identity card, ration card, Aadhaar card and mobile with them.
2. Staying alone in the temple premises is strictly prohibited.
3. To stay in the temple, taking your patient along with you must register in the “Manager’s Office”. People living outside the temple should not get registered.
4. Don’t urinate and defecate (latrine) etc. in the open.
5. Temple property is yours. Don’t vandalize with it.
6. Don’t use plastic bags in the temple premises.
7. Consumption of paan, gutkha, bidi, cigarette, alcohol and non-vegetarian items is completely prohibited.
8. Don’t feed prasad to stray animals and dogs.
9. Keep the free bed and utensils clean and tidy.
10. Do not go anywhere leaving your patient alone.
11. Don’t wash utensils and clothes on the water pot.
12. Ration material should be taken according to the requirement.
13. Don’t give food items and money to beggars and beggars.
14. Vehicles should not be brought inside the temple premises, it is forbidden to park vehicles inside.
15. Use only the toilets built in the temple premises.
16. Donors should put the donation only in the donation box or take the receipt after depositing it in the manager’s office.
17. Temple premises gate closing time is 10 pm and morning opening time is 5 am.
18. No one should go near the gate after 10 pm and before 5 am.
19. It is strictly forbidden to roam around in the temple premises wearing tehmal, lungi and towel.
20. Don’t take bath in underwear, please take bath by wrapping a towel.
21. Please switch on the fan, bulb and tube light only when required.
22. “Water is life” Use water properly.
23. Don’t trust and inquire about unknown persons.
24. Contact the inquiry center for any problem and solution.
25. According to the rules of the temple, four persons including patients can stay in the temple, not more.
26. The time for Aarti is sunset and sunrise.
27. Please don’t sit on quilts, use them only for covering.
28. Before leaving, first clean the room and go to the temple after collecting utensils and bedding.