Butati Dham - A Miracle For Paralysis

Everyone has their own life and everyone has their own circumstances. Be it up and down, people used to learn how they can face their own problems in their life. When it comes to god then there are a few temples that are famous for their own miracles. In India, there are a number of temples that are famous to cure different types of diseases such as :
  • Areyuru Vaidhyanatheshwara Temple: Known for curing cancer, kidney failure, heart attack, and surgery.
  • The Jagnewa Hanuman temple, Uttar Pradesh: Known for curing chronic ailments.
  • Butati Dham, Nagaur: Known for curing paralysis. 
  • Vaitheeswaran Koil, Tamilnadu: Known for curing skin-related disease. 
Hence, people have their own belief in god, and that gives them a blessing in the form of curing different diseases. One of the most famous temple for curing paralysis is Butati Dham.
  1. What Is Butati Dham
Butati Dham is one of the most popular Hindu temple in India located in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. This popular Hindu temple is very well known for curing disease paralysis. In the past few years due to its miraculous in curing this disease, it has gained so much popularity in every region of the country. As the local people of Butati village stated that the people come from different places in India just to cure this disease. The paralysis patients need to perform parikrama in the temple for seven days. Once you finish the process, the disease will go away. The faith of the local people of Butati dham is effective and believed to cure paralysis.  2. Why Butati Dham Is Famous. Butati Dham is one of the most famous Hindu temples known for curing paralysis. It is also known for the miracles of Shree Chaturdas Ji Maharaj. Shree Chaturdas Ji Maharaj is the one who is believed to cure this disease. It is a magical place for people who believe in god and searching for a peaceful place. Once you visited this place, take a visit to Butati Dham Aarti. You will feel blessed and happy.  3. History Of Butati Dham When it comes to the history of this temple then according to different facts and stories we got to know that the butati dham temple is based on the teaching and blessings of Shree Chaturdas Ji Maharaj. Hence we will learn about the history of Shree Chaturdas Ji Maharaj.  About Five hundred years ago, Saint Chaturdas Ji Maharaj comes to Butati village and start living there. He was born in Charan clan. From the early age of his life, he is a great Siddha Yogi and through his miracles siddhi, he helps people by curing paralysis. He used to worship Durga Mata his main deity and also he is believed to have natural powers.      4. How To Reach Butati Dham Butati Dham Temple is located in the Kuchera village of Rajasthan. The Butati Dham distance from Nagaur is aprox 52km. When it comes to reaching the temple then there are so many ways by which you can reach here easily. Below I will share a few modes of transportation by which you can reach here easily.    How To Reach Butati Dham By Bus If you are trying to find a way to reach Butati Dham from your location then Bus can be the fastest mode of travel with the lesser fare. The nearest bus stand of Butati Dham is approx 6.4km. Hence if you are planning to travel from Jaipur to Butati Dham then you can use this mode of transportation. The total distance from Jaipur to Butati dham is approx 239 kilometers. The total fare for the trip will be 256 rupees or we can say you can complete the whole trip in 500 rupees. If you are traveling to the temple from any location in the country then you can get the bus easily.    How To Reach Butati Dham By Train If you are searching for an easy mode of transport then you can reach the temple by train The Butati Dham nearest railway station is Rain Railway Station. The distance between Butati Dham to the Rain railway station is approx 18kilometer. Once you reach the station, you can use the local cab and taxi to reach the temple. If you are traveling from Jaipur to Butati dham by train then you can get the train from Jaipur Junction easily.  Note: If you are living in India and outside of India and planning to visit Butati Dham then you can reach here by flight as well. The nearest airport is Sanganir International Airport, Jaipur. The distance from Jaipur Airport to Butati Dham is 236 kilometers.   Butati Dham Location: Mandir Rd, Butati, Rajasthan 341514 Butati Dham Contact Number: 09511559947     Related News: Fire in Butati Dham Temple: Short circuit being the reason